The pistachio of Molos Fthiotida is produced in the broader region of Molos Municipal Community (which now belongs to the new broader Municipality of Molos/Agios Konsta-ntinos), on an area of 270 acres stretching from the coastline  to the Municipal Community of Mendenitsa towards the southern mountainous area at an altitude of 400-500 meters, while to the west it covers the area up to the Municipal Community of Agia Triada and to the east up to the Skarfeia.

There are around 50.000 pistachio trees which produce 350-500 tons of pistachio (to be certified as Product Domain of Origin – P.D.O.), which is sold all around Greece without any formal identification. It is worth mentioning at this point that the Fthiotida pistachio has an identity which has been consolidated as (P.D.O.) since 1994, but has not been fully exploited by the productive base of the prefecture and risked to be set aside by the European Union 3-4 years ago.  

 Τhe agricultural co-operative located in Molos Fthiotida, consists of 70 pistachio producers from central Fthiotida (from Kostalexi near Lamia to Kamena Vourla and from Eleftherohori to Amfiklia), with the majority of them in Molos. The cultivating surface is about 200 acres with 37.000 pistachio trees and their produce ranges from 150 to 300 tons of pistachio.  The co-operative has been dictated by  the necessity of its members to handle their crop, launching it themselves to the Greek consumer with transparent procedures and fully controlled quality, without the intervention of wholesale dealers, which will be of benefit both to  the producers and the consumers.

 The co-operative uses of course the identity of the product, namely “Fthiotida pistachio ”, which has deliberately not been allowed to gain distinction by people who used the term they chose - that is “Aigina Pistachio”- thus condemning a “Brand name” to obscurity while it could prove a powerful weapon in the hands of producers of our prefecture if they wanted to take advantage of it.

 With the name as a ram, the co-operative guarantees from this year on the quality of its members produce  as well as reassures the consumer concerning the absence of pesticides and aflatoxins in the product which are constantly controlled for each producer individually.

 In addition, the packaging will be done (with full traceability as far as the producer is concerned) in plastic sacks of 40 kilos in two different quality categories.

a) Pistachio of premium quality, 100% open,

b) Pistachio of second quality,  100% open,

There is of course closed pistachio in packages of 35 kilos.

The aim of our co-operative is to manage to address the consumer directly at some point in the future with a variety of processing-packaging salty and roasted pistachio and sell it in food stores fulfilling all the hygiene and traceability rules (H.A.C.C.P,  I.S.O) both in Greece and abroad so that on the one hand producers can make profit and enjoy a higher price on their brand name product while on the other hand the consumer will find an indentified and controlled product with great nutritional value at an affordable price which nowadays is considered to be prohibitive for the average Greek purse. 

 In this way, new dynamic prospects open up for the local economy of the area and the upgrading of the farmers income.

The Agricultural Pistachio Producers Cooperative of Molos Fthiotida in the International Exhibition of  2011 ANUGA and as exporter of pistachio  

The new Agricultural Pistachio Producers Cooperative of Molos Fthiotida had a dynamic presence in the largest International Exhibition for Food, Drink and Beverages (ANUGA 2011), in Kologne of Germany.

 We had the opportunity to advertise the inshell pistachio of Molos Fthiotida in cooperation with the homonymous Agricultural Pistachio Producers Coopera-tive of Makri Fthiotida for the first time worldwide, from the Chamber of Commerce of Fthiotida Prefecture  stand, (as a new member), along with 10 other companies from Fthiotida in an Exhibition with 7,500 exhibitors from 65 countries and 500.000 visitors.   Our goal was 

a).to advertise the specific product (inshell pistachio of Fthiotida), which has been P.D.O., since 1994, 

b). to make contacts with foreign firms to come to agreements and finally  

c). to export the product of the cooperative at much better prices than those available in the Greek market.   

Ultimately our goal was fully achieved  and the door opened for exports with better terms than those offered in the Greek market.

For the first time export of inshell pistachio of Molos was held by the producers themselves, without the interference of brokers, who used to promote it so far,  making profit on the expence of the producers who were  the permanent losers.

More specifically 50 tones of product were exported from the warehouse of our  Cooperative towards Tunisia.

It’s worth noting, that the buyers there wanted to buy twice as much.

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